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Discovering the Beauty of Chinese Ink Painting: A Workshop

A Chinese ink painting workshop with artist, teacher, and author Yanan Dai.

The workshop will be in the Lake Oswego Library's Conference Room (on the second floor). All materials provided. This workshop is designed for beginners, no previous experience is required.

I've asked many people, where you have ever seen Chinese art? About 80% of Americans mentioned they have seen some Chinese art at a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, most Chinese restaurants have an awful taste in Chinese art. If you want to improve your taste in Chinese Ink Painting, this workshop is designed for you! Chinese ink painting is a unique art style that enjoys a time-honored history. Usually Chinese ink painting beginners learn a certain format that was inherited from artists in ancient times. Although there are certain principles in making Chinese ink paintings, the most distinguished artist always find a way to develop their own painting language. Chinese ink plays a critical role in Chinese culture, it’s one of the best ways to understand the wisdom of Chinese philosophy. If you have no background in Chinese culture or don't have Chinese language skills, don't worry! That's not an obstacle to experiencing Chinese ink painting; with an open mind and curiosity, you are ready for this adventure!

In this workshop, you will:

1. Get to know the tools and materials: Paper \ Ink \ Brush \ Water

2. Learn basic elements of Chinese Ink, start with making your first ink line

3. Learn Chinese art appreciation; how to look at a painting, how the space was created?, and how the color was applied.

4. Make your very first Chinese (landscape painting)

All materials provided. This workshop is designed for beginners, no previous experience is required. For more information, please email or call Librarian Todd Feinman, sends e-mail) / 503-675-2535.

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